A bit about my art studio

Determined to earn a living as an artist, I moved from California to New York City. While attending grad school at Pratt Institute, I adjusted to living in NYC in a tiny railroad apartment on the Upper Eastside. My design studio was established weeks after graduation in a space about the size of a closet within an ad agency on Madison Avenue. Driven by meager funds, fierce naïveté, and the will to survive, cold calls were made. Surprisingly clients began to call.

My fascination with design begins with my interest in art history. Walking through galleries, libraries or museums to dialog with my favorite artists, some living many dead, amuses me. Above all graphic design and art education earns my living and painting is my passion: watercolor, oil and now mostly the computer. Review the pictorial language that defines me as a human being and respectfully allows me to contribute a few words to a life-long art conversation.

Paradise Apple Blossom