Limited edition original paintings

Printed on deluxe paper

Botanical Garden Calendar
A year of colorful flowers from the crocus in January to the poinsettia in December.

The Botanical Garden Calendar

The Botanical Garden Calendar pays homage to the rich legacy of botanical illustration and garden design. The drawings are inspired by the works of Maria Sibylla Merian, the garden drawings of British, Italian, and French architects, and the contributions of Carl Linnaeus.

The elegant symmetry of an ellipse is meticulously divided into the twelve months of the year. Each segment serves to reflect the natural progression of blooms in my garden. From the delicate Crocus blossoms in January to the vibrant Poinsettias in December this calendar is a practical guide for planning and planting, ensuring a continuous symphony of blooms throughout the year.

Every illustration is scientifically titled and located in Zone 7a, where temperatures range from 0°F to 5°F.

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